To Become the Very Best

Interesting Progress -- ( Adventure Log, session 11 )


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From Jin to Jin, it’s… Boring, really. So much travel, for so little gain. I have found new companions in my Pokemon, but those I am traveling with are anything but. I have already had to fling magic at another to get a message across, yet that damned druid is still a thorn in my side. We’ve camped yet again after the moron of a druid cut his own arm off- least I got to watch his expression of pain as he did it.


I wake up, and I first thing I hear is a booming voice- and, the tiny halfling Zurie’s squeaky little screams. I sit up, and my first reaction as I hear horrific crunching is to reach for my pokemon. But which one…? The one I haven’t used before- the Kraken. It’s big, it’s smart, and it’s insanely strong. My Haunters would be good, but with the Druid around I don’t want them to be harmed. One is my FAMILY, I… I can’t let them be hurt, no, never. They trust me, and I trust them. Family first, so they won’t be in this, I couldn’t put them in danger from both Hydrus and whatever the beast outside the tent was. I already let that poor Ghastly he turned before.


I let out the giant tentacled beast, and command it to attack the Orge. One of it’s massive tentacles whipped around and slammed into the monster. It wrapped it’s tentacle around it’s opponent, successfully grappling it. I myself flung a Frightful Blast into the grapple, thankfully just nearly missing my ally creature and harming the enemy. My allies also took the chance of attacking while the pair was fighting, luckily though, none seemed to hit my pokemon.


One of Zurie’s creatures, a flamming salamander-like being, spoke to us all in basic common. “Something else is here”- oh, wonderful. Just WONDERFUL. I could only hope it wasn’t another one of these massive, yet rather… Dumb, beings. Luckily my creature seemed to be, for lack of better phrase, kicking it’s ass.


… And, what seems to be another, yet visibly more intelligent and well equipped version of the beast we’re already fighting appears out of seemingly nowhere. It blasted out icy magic, and thank the gods, both me and my tentacled ally managed to somewhat get our defenses up- suppose that’s why you never drop your guard… Perhaps the Celestial blood in my veins was more helpful than I thought. It hurt less than I thought it should’ve, though, that was not to say it didn’t still hurt like hell.


I looked over to the… Tentacruel, as I believed it was actually supposed to be called. It seemed to be focused on the one it was grappling, and still prevailing to say the least. Though, one of my ally’s pokemon was thoroughly spazzing out in the background- was it actually even trying to help? Like hell if I knew. It was not my concern at the moment, for it at least was not hitting any of us either.


I decided to focus on the new one. I send a blast of Eldritch magic at the beast, and it tears through it’s shoulder as Tentacruel screeches in anger and pins it’s foe. Well, I am certainly glad I was the one to grab it’s crystal in the past. This is the first battle I have fought alongside it, and it has already more than proved itself to me.


The Druid of our party, although I despise him, was tearing through Tentacruel’s opponent as it was held down. I had to admit, I was grateful for that. It seemed to be bordering it’s last breath, and though my other allies were also striking my ally creature, it seemed to be fine. I… Well I supposed that’s what I should’ve expected, this being was once a mighty Kraken… A mighty Kraken that had almost killed me. Oh well, the tables were turned in my favor, what should I care!


The Orge begins to struggle, though, Tentacruel kept it pinned. Yet… Somehow, this victory, was not what my attention was focused on. I had quickly taken notice that the one we had knocked to the ground, the one I had planned to attack, was suddenly gone. Damn it! I knew there had to be magic involved with this, and I knew it would only mean terrible things- call it a gut instinct.


If I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hit. It would do no good to bring out the Haunters… So what now? Wait and hope we don’t get simply STOMPED on? At least I could keep my guard, and as I stand up, and shoot a glance over to Tentacruel- it seems like it’s trying to bite the beast it’s holding down, but it just can’t get it’s razor sharp beak in there. Though, it seems Hydrus is relentless as always, and was still attacking it. At least it was so close to death…. That was always better for me. I had control over what I could handle, and I was doing my job. All in means for vengeance… It was my responsibility, I had to do this. I had to make it right for them.! None of what happened to either of us was fair. We were going to fix this, we were going to bring the Death-Claw to a bitter and brutal ending. It was what they deserved, and this is the path I needed to continue to ensure that.


And then, and I see “Mr. Barkly” begin to shred the Orge. Good! But Zurie was now unconscious, and Hydrus was being oddly flung around. Good, this… Was VERY good! He showed a rough area, and that was enough to try to attack. If Hydrus got hit..? Aha. Hahaha. No skin off my nose, if the PEST was killed it would aid me for all but the lack of a healer in our group.


I smile a bit as I watch an arrow graze by Hydrus. Ally? Barely. Was it amusing to watch him at risk? To a fair extent. He had already been working his way quickly up my list of enemies. I admittedly giggle a little as Tentacruel fails to hit, but does end up covering Hydrus in a slime-based poison.  


I turn to watch what the others do about this. I see the Salamander-like creature miss with throwing daggers. Though, the vine… Or tentacle composed being(?) did seem to heal itself as Mr. Barkly went to further defend Zurie. Her other creatures were defenseless, and now something seemed off Hydrus. Was the fool messing up even more? Oh, I wouldn’t be surprised.


So I send one more blast of magic, and entirely blow the damned thing’s head off! I begin to outright laugh as it and Hydrus plummet to the ground. He would be crushed under it- unlikely to survive! I wouldn’t cross him off just yet, and sadly… He escaped being crushed, though he did still roughly hit the ground… And it seems there’s some magic going on with it. Blood of the beast was covering him, but something was off.


Oh well. Both were dead. I spread the dust, and then, two large spirit creatures appeared from them. I gave an excited giggled at this, and with the last gem in my possession, attempted to catch the one by what I had killed. I threw the gem with all my might- albeit it wasn’t much- and managed to hit it right between the eyes. It was pulled into the gem, and I was excited to say the least. Though, the little one called me over. I was curious to see why Zurie of all people wanted my attention. I wandered over to her, and crouched down to the child. Her voice was squeaky as usual as she asked;


“…. How do you make ghost monsters?”


I paused for a moment… And then I gave a pleasant smile. I reached into the pouch where I had the demon’s dust, and I presented a handful to the halfling.


“Once you kill a monster, you throw this over the body. Then, there’s a chance one will appear! Simple, really.”


I watched with a bit of bubbling excitement deep within me as the child responded.


“Can I have some?”


I let another giggle slip, and I give the handful of dust to her. She seemed to slightly tense up, but then smile a little, and she put the dust away in her own bag. Though, she was obviously just about destroyed with a missing leg, and her pokemon exhausted. She seemed to be a bit understanding of my efforts, to some extent, and I could sense magic of my same kind in her. I pulled out some of the food from my bag, and offered it to her- her pokemon ended up eating it, but it was still a helpful experience for both of us.


I stood up, and went back to my tent- oddly enough… It was not smashed. Oh well, better for me- in fact, the whole day had been a little better. The battle was rough, but the end result was in benefit for me. Hydrus would be out for awhile, I had a new ally, and a new spirit creature… Could’ve been worse!


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